New Official Star Wars Artwork!

Posted on September 13 2019

UPDATE (10.25.19) - SWvsWWII and Galactic Samurai are back and the artist's contract with Lucasfilm is over. 

: I am now a licensed Lucasfilm artist! Still very surreal to me. I’m super psyched for you to see what I’ve been working on that will be official limited edition Star Wars artwork. For those asking, this is why SWvsWWII and Galactic Samurai is now on an indefinite hiatus. BUT I can tell you that if you are a fan of those series, that gritty aesthetic is very much a part of what I’m working on for Lucasfilm. Along with Star Wars, my contract with Acme Archives Direct includes Indiana Jones and numerous 20th Century Fox titles. Out of those from 20th, my focus will be on The X-Files, Alien and Predator. Excited yet?? I am.

And to add some clarification, Thirteenth Floor isn’t going anywhere. If anything, we’re expanding. We have recently introduced a barrage of new rock t-shirts to our inventory; and we’re getting ready to release some new killer products in the apparel dept., home goods and more. On top of that, I will still be putting out my independent digital and mixed media pieces. Once my new artwork for Lucasfilm is approved we will be able to offer those limited edition prints on the Thirteenth Floor website and at events. Speaking of events, it BREAKS my heart, but it’s not looking like we’ll be at NYCC this year (hate even saying it). I have every intention of being there and other events next year in one capacity or another.

I want to thank all of you that have supported me, SWvsWWII and the Galactic Samurai series over the years. It really means the world to me. It started out as something fun I did when was bored and turned into something beyond what I ever could’ve imagined. For those of you that might be sad about the fate of those series (I see you), let’s keep ‘em alive by sharing your photos of your decor and clothing - I’ll be sharing mine!

Again, I’m really excited for you to see the first series I’ll be releasing with Lucasfilm. Onward and upwards!


Billy Ludwig


  • Team TF: October 25, 2019

    SWvsWWII and Galactic Samurai are back and the artist’s contract is done with Lucasfilm.

  • Theleitermans : October 25, 2019

    How very sad we are to hear you will no longer be doing the SWvsWWII. Our son’s two favorite thing combined. He has been wearing the shirts for many yrs and now I’m glad I saved the old ones to turn into a quilt and artwork since they are no longer available.

  • Michael Flores: October 15, 2019

    This is sad and awesome news. Is there any way at all to order any of the remaining prints or art? I was wanting to complete my sets but now it seems it may not happen. Sad. Best of luck to you, can’t wait to see the new art.!!

  • ROA: October 04, 2019

    Congratulations on becoming a licensed artist for Lucasfilm. Sad to see your Galactic Samurai creative works disappear.
    Looking forward to your new creations. Best of luck!

  • Rusty Anderson: October 04, 2019

    I was already in possession of most of the SWVSWWII prints, and I was planning on getting the last of the newest series, never thinking that they would suddenly become available. Now, it is apparently too late. Regrettable. I would have liked to be able to say that I had the complete collection hanging on my walls.

    At any rate, good luck in your new capacity as “official” Star Wars licensed artist. I look forward to seeing your take on things closer to canon, and starting a new collection.



  • Mark Murakami: October 04, 2019

    I think I own every SWvsWWII and Galactic Samurai print now after my last stockpile. While I’m bummed you won’t be continuing those series I’m excited to see your new work! Mixing Star Wars, WWII and Samurai was so unique so hopefully you’ll have the creative freedom to continue to bring one of a kind art to the marketplace. Cheers!

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