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SWvsWWII Bundle • Full Series
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SWvsWWII Series Full Series by Billy Ludwig (Signed)

This series documents the earth being invaded by the Galactic Empire during WWII. 

Full Series includes: 

Series I:
"3 on 3" - 11x17
"Charge!" - 11x17
"Invasion" - 11x17
"Dogfight II" - 11x17

Series II:
"Retaliate" - 11x17
"Obey" - 11x14
"Retreat!" - 11x14
"Face To Face" - 11x17

Series III:
"Heads Will Roll" - 11x17
"Rise" - 11x14
"Takedown" - 11x17
"Conquer" - 11x17 

Series IV:
"Crash Landing" - 11x14
"Fangs Out" - 11x17
"Advance" - 11x14
"Captured!" - 11x17"

Series V:
"Battle At Sea" - 11x14
"Biker Chase" - 11x14
"RUN!" - 11x14
"Surrender" - 11x14

Series VI:
"Capture The Flag" - 11x14
"Infiltrate" - 11x14
"Death From Above" - 11x14
"Leave No Trooper Behind" - 11x14

- Each print is signed by Billy Ludwig
- All 24 prints are printed 14 pt. gloss card stock
- Open edition

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