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Skull & Bones | The Artwork of Billy Ludwig - Deluxe Edition (Pre-Order)
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Projected ship date: September 2020 

Deluxe Edition includes: 
- Signed copy of Skull & Bones | The Artwork of Billy Ludwig
- 8 x 10 inch MYSTERY one of a kind mixed media piece on paper ($50 value)
- Your name listed in the Thank You section of the book 
- Skull & Bones sticker

In celebration of Thirteenth Floor's 10th Anniversary, we are releasing the much anticipated first book that explores the artwork of Billy Ludwig. Skull & Bones showcases a wide range of his digital work, such as famed series SWvsWWII, along with his most recent evolution into the world of mixed media. The book also includes behind the scenes photos, unreleased work and chronicles the origins and metamorphosis of Thirteenth Floor.

Details (projected):
- Size: 11 x 8.5 inch landscape
- Hard cover
- Full color
- 140+ pages 
Note: Make sure to share your TF gear photos on Instagram and tag us (@thirteenthfloor) - they could end up in the book! 

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