Billy Ludwig

Ouija w/ Diamond Dust
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"Ouija" with diamond dust by Billy Ludwig (signed)

Made famous by artists like Andy Warhol, diamond dust art has a striking sparkle and adds a luxurious luminosity to your decor. Light will bounce off this glittery image and make a statement. Even better in person! 

- Diamond dusted and signed by Billy Ludwig
- 11in. x 17in. print mounted to particle board and framed
- Black gloss plastic frame
- Open edition

Things To Know: 

• Diamond dust is just the name of the effect and is NOT real diamonds, it is finely ground chards of glass. You should NEVER touch the surface of the image and PLEASE handle with care as you could hurt yourself otherwise. Thirteenth Floor does not take responsibility if you are to hurt yourself in any way handling this product.

 Diamond dust will give image a slightly "frosted" look. 

 The sparkle effect of the diamond dust will vary and depend on the lighting in your room. Test different areas and levels of lighting to get the most sparkle out of your piece. 

 Amount of diamond dust on image may vary image to image. 

• Like anything that has been embellished with glitter, some may flake off, especially if brushed up against and/or mishandled. 

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