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Billy Ludwig



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Bogies from the SWvsWWII series by Billy Ludwig 

• Size: 11 x 14 inches
High quality matte card stock
• Open edition
• Printed at Skull & Bones Print Shop

This image was printed on repurposed paper. In our archives we have thousands of copies of prints that vary from overstock prints to prints that were deemed unsellable. This means the image was printed too dark, or there may have been printer lines etc.; regardless, the paper itself is in pristine condition and we’ve taken the liberty to “recycle” it ourselves and use the backside to print on. It also seems irresponsible to not utilize this paper with the current supply chain issues many printers are having.

These unique prints are also coming directly from the artist in the newly launched Skull & Bones Print Shop. Skull & Bones will be exclusively focusing on artwork created by Billy Ludwig.

We kinda think this is a super awesome idea and hope you do as well. :)


Thirteenth Floor

*Not all available prints, and/or future printing, will we be utilizing the repurposed paper, but when we do, we will make note of it in the product description. 

From the artist: 

Many of the pieces I create have hidden messages or meanings. Sometimes it's relevant to the piece or series, other times it might be personal to me. Very rarely will I reveal those messages. I will decode this one for you.

While creating this piece I learned of the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and 7 other passengers in a helicopter crash. Absolutely heartbreaking. To show my respect, the "24" on the Jeep signifies Kobe's jersey number, and each one of the tie fighters in the sky are for the lives lost in the crash. 

With a heavy heart, it was tough to maintain focus today; but I let Kobe's tenacious spirit and work ethic inspire me to finish this piece and release it to the world. #MambaMentality

Tell someone you love them today. 


Billy Ludwig • Artist

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