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Billy Ludwig

That's No Moon (wolf) - Unknown

That's No Moon (wolf) - Unknown

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• Artist: Billy Ludwig

• Size: 11 x 17 in. 

• Marker on high quality print

• This print is part of a special release and may have imperfections. These imperfections most likely give it more character.


• Year: Unknown

About this collection:

This is a special release of prints that I would draw-on, practice my signature and test Sharpies during comic cons. These prints were typically damaged in transit or were deemed imperfect for one reason or another. They go back quite a few years and cover numerous comic cons from Puerto Rico to California.

Along with those prints, I’ve also included some things from my workshop such as mock-ups, doodles, botched ideas and randomness that I’ve added to this special release.

There’s only one of each — have fun!


FUN FACT: In many ways the prints I would draw on at comic cons is how my mixed media work came came into fruition.

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